Remote Session Drummer

Add custom professional drum tracks to your recordings without breaking the bank!

How does it work?

Get in contact with details and a rough mix if possible of what you require and I can then then give you a price for the session. We can also discuss what it is you want in more detail by phone or email from there.

Once the session is done, I’ll send you over the individual files for you to mix and edit as you wish. These will be dry without any effects.


Sonor SQ2 drums
Many Snares in different sizes and material
UFIP Cymbals
Shure mics
Audix mics
Focusrite Audio Interface

Contact me or visit my Remote Session Drummer Website for more details:

‘For over ten years I’ve worked in many Studios with Craig. We’ve worked on many sessions for many artists covering many different playing styles. Craig is an exceptional drummer that makes every track he plays sound and feel great. Craig thinks and listens like a producer, he can hear a song and play exactly what the track needs, delivering exactly what the Artist and producer wants. Craig’s new studio set up is really good, he’s got some great mics and captures his excellent drum sound brilliantly. I’ve used him for remote sessions and he did a killer job, if you need drums give him a call!!’

Jimmi Clarke